Wildebees Men's Canvas Trucker Cap (Black/White)-OSFA

One size fits all

Casual Trucker Cap with White on Red Logo. Wildebees is not a brand (like Marvel) where you put it on and it transforms you into a brave hero

You put Wildebees on because you know you have what it takes

You wear it proudly on your chest as a sign of your rank and symbol of your bravery

You put it on your feet because you walk the narrow road diligently

You live life to the fullest, you make a difference and you look people straight in the eye when greeting them

Your clothes strengthen who you are, and underlines where you’re going: you know you are Vellies and Khaki’s and even in droughts when things are dry and dead and grasshoppers eat your harvest, you continue with your Vellies and Khaki’s because your signpost shows: straight ahead

Your heart and spirit is rooted in the quietness in the nature and you thrive as soon as you go to breathe the fresh air: bush, ocean or mountains…

Your clothes don’t wear you, YOU wear your clothes…

And that is why you choose the calbre of Wildebees quality

Welcome to the herd!

Code / PLU: WBM094-OSFA
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